Examples of Radar Profiles
Collected and Processed by Bret W. Smith, Geophysicist.

The Radar Profile to the left is of a flat concrete slab.   A local construction company wanted to know what if any re-bar or other re-inforcing materials were used within the slab.  It became immediately obvious using the radar system with a 250 MHz antenna that "metal decking", delineated by a yellow line was embedded within the slab.  The red line shows the bottom of the concrete slab. The numbers on the top indicate the length of the profile in linear feet.  The instrument used was the Sensors and Software "Noggin" system.  This is an excellent system for a wide variety of Radar Applications.   They were also looking for any pipes or other conduits within the slab.   These were also found and marked to be avoided by the construction crews, during cutting of the concrete slab.  GPR can be a very important tool for construction and a wide variety of other shallow geophyscial applications.