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GEOPHYSICAL ACCESSORIES (Radio Trigger Links, Triggers..etc)!

                             SEISMIC RECORDING EQUIPMENT
                                     (Sub Surface Exploration Only)
RAS 12 & 24 Channel
& DS6 Distributive Seismic Systems.
Authorized Dealer  Bret W, Smith, Geophysicist.
The RAS 24 Seismograph
RAS 12/24.  Click on Image for More Information
                                         Available with 12 or 24 channels
                                         24-Bit Delta-Sigma A/D conversion
                                         Wide dynamic range (117db @ 2ms)
                                         Connect up to ten boxes (240 chans)
                                         3D on up to ten lines
                                         Automated system performance tests
                                         Intuitive operation under Windows 98
                                         Operates with any laptop
                                         Lightweight - 10 lbs
                                         Uses standard 12 channel spread cables

The DS6 Unit in Field Location

                                   24-Bit Delta-Sigma A/D conversion
                                   1524 Channels on 32 lines
                                   2D and 3D operation
                                   Wide dynamic range (115db @ 2ms)
                                   Lightweight - 9 lbs per box with battery
                                   Automated system performance tests
                                   Compact system controller
                                   Intuitive operation under Windows
                                   Uses industry standard spread cables


Resistivity System By  GEOFYZIKA TM
Authorized Dealer  Bret W, Smith, Geophysicist.
Click to Print Two Page Color Specification

 Power supply: 12 to 48 VDC Internal rechargablebattery pack.
 Output voltage: the power supply voltage can be increased
 by factor of 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 (i.e. 12 to 288 volts!)
 Output power: 1960 Watts Peak!. 
 External DC exciting source: max. 360VDC @ 0.5 amps
 AB current: Range: 1mA - 500 mA
 Accuracy: max. 1%
 Current limit: Direct short hi-circuit: IAB MAX = 0.5A.
 Low-current: a) if current drops down to the half of the
 initial current value regardless of speed of drop b) If current
 drops under the chosen threshold value Current threshold
 AB value: 1mA or 10 mA (after setting up by operator) AB
 turn-off time: less than 100 ms for the power electrodes AB
without grounding AB voltage commutation. 
Cycle time: 1to 20 seconds trapezoid shape
Number of cycles (selectable): 2 to 99 (VES, SRP)
Electrical insulation: Voltage strength: 4.5 kV insulating
resistance (transmitter - box, 500 V for 1 min): more than                1000 Mohms.
  Power supply: 8.4 to 15 VDC
  Internal/External (8 cells of D size)
  Power consumption: max. 2mA/150 mA
  Standby / Active mode
  Number of inputs: 4 For the potential electrodes without
  Measuring range: 1 mV to +/-3.5 VDC
  Measuring accuracy: 1%
  Input impedance: 10 Mohm
  Auto. increasing gain: 1- 1024 In proportion
  Noise suppression: 80 dB/decade Limit low-pass filter on f = 5
  Hz or 50 Hz
  Offset compensation: +/-2V (Step 1 mV) Automatic during
  resistivity measurement.
 Transmitter influence suppression: 140 dB
 Apparent resistivity Range: 10^-5 to 10^8
  Accuracy: better than 2 %
 Display: LCD, 640x200 dots (CGA)
 Memory: 16 MB RAM 
 Processor: 133 Mhz,  Pentium
 Keyboard: QWERTY
 Operating system: DRDOS version 6.0 installed in the ROM
  Communication software: Microsoft interlink/interserver
  1/0 Ports: RS232C (communication with another computer)
  Centronics (printer) Special serial, floating port to control
  supplement device ME-100
  Dimensions: 290 x 210 x 145 mm
  Weight (without batteries): 4.7 kg
  Temperature operating: +5C to +45C
  Temperature storage: -10 C to +60 C
Standard Accessories:
Transport case rugged and durable. 
 Computer connection cable RS-232C.
 Instruction manual.
User's Quick Manual
PC manual.
Diskette 3.5" with service software (GEOI, Communication,
 Configuration for VES)
                                      Rechargable battery pack for transmitter
                                      Rechargable battery pack for receiver
                                      ME-100 inteligent electrode switching system
                                      GT-1000 1kw geoelectrical transmitter

   Number of boxes: max. 248, To be operated at the moment: 248 from the
   left of the interface box, 248 from the right of the interface box
   Number of electrodes: Max.To be operated at once: 496
   Controlled by one box: 2 pcs
   Distance between boxes: 4 m (optionally 10 or 20m)
   Distance of electrodes: 2 m (optionally 5 or 10m)
   Number of boxes per section: 4 pcs (optionally arbitraiy) Power supply of
   each box: Power voltage: 5.5 - 14 VDC (from ResiStar RS-100M)
   Input current on the input of each box: 1mA constant
   Input current on the input of the box during switching: 21mA for 10ms
   Speed of communication (fixed): 9600 bps
   Feedback info about switching the relay: yes
   Set-up the physical addresses: managed by the system Identification of
   array: managed by the system
   Size of box: 98 x 64 x 39 mm
  Weight of Cable section ME-100: 2 kg
  Weight of interface box: 0.5 kg
   Length of an interface cable: 4 m (10 or 20 optional)
   Length of electrode MEB-40: 400 mm
  Weight of electrode + wire: 0.55 kg
  Wire length : 1.2 m
  Cable type: 9-wire cable
  Operation temp. range: -10C to +40C       DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT ME FOR A PRICE  QUOTE. 
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                             New Geonics Geophysical Equipment

EM 38
EM 34
EM 31
EM 39 (S)
EM 61


                                                      EM  38

Designed to be particularly useful for agricultural surveys measuring soil salinity,the EM38 can cover large areas quickly without ground electrodes. Based on the same patented induction principle as the EM31, the EM38 provides depths of exploration of 1.5 meters and 0.75 meters in the vertical and horizontal dipole modes respectively.

Very lightweight and only one meter long, the EM38 provides rapid surveys with excellent lateral resolution. Measurement is normally made by placing this instrument on the ground and recording the meter reading. Digital meters are located on the top and the side of the EM38 for the horizontal and vertical dipole measurements. Continuous or station measurements can also be taken from a standing position using the optional carrying handle with trigger and cable for connection to the DL720 data logger. In this mode of operation 3000 data points can easily be obtained in one hour.

The EM38 has proven very useful in many geotechnical applications such as in archeology where use can also be made of the inphase component giving a measurement of the soil magnetic susceptibility.


                                                    EM  34

The EM34-3 is a fast, simple to operate, cost-effective instrument for the engineering geophysicist, geologist and hydrogeologist alike and has been particularly successful for mapping deeper groundwater contaminant plumes and for groundwater exploration. Using the same patented inductive method as the EM31, the EM34-3 uses 3 intercoil spacings to give variable depths of exploration down to 60 meters. With the 3 spacings and 2 dipole modes (horizontal coplanar as shown and vertical), vertical electrical soundings can be obtained. In the vertical dipole (horizontal-conplanar) mode the EM34-3 is very sensitive to vertical geological anomalies and is widely used for groundwater exploration in fractured, faulted and weathered bedrock zones. In regions of particularly high cultural and atmospheric noise the higher powered EM34-3XL improves the signal to noise ratio by a factor of 10 at the 40 m spacing and by 4 at the 10 m and 20 m spacing. The EM34-3 comes complete with an output connector for digital data logging with the DL720 as well as input ports which can be used with a rechargeable battery option.


                                                       EM  31
The EM31-MK2 is an updated version of the standard EM31 with the data  logger now incorporated into the control console. Ground conductivity and  in-phase measurements are read directly from the data logger screen. The data logger is readily removed from the console for easy data handling or, if preferred hand carried during the survey. The EM31-MK2 maps geological variations, groundwater contaminants or any subsurface feature associated with changes in the ground conductivity using a patented electromagnetic inductive technique that makes the measurements without electrodes or ground contact. With this inductive method, surveys can be carried out under most geological conditions including those of high surface resistivity such as sand, gravel and asphalt. The effective depth of exploration is about six meters, making it ideal for many geotechnical and groundwater contaminant surveys. Important advantages of the EM31-MK2 over conventional resistivity methods are the speed with which surveys can be conducted, the precision with which small changes in conductivity can be measured and the continuous readout and data collection while traversing the survey area. The in-phase component is especially useful for detecting shallow ore bodies and buried metal hazardous waste.


                                                EM  39 & 39S
The EM39 provides measurement of the electrical conductivity of the soil and rock surrounding a borehole or monitoring well, using the inductive electromagnetic technique. The unit employs coaxial coil geometry with an intercoil spacing of 50 cm to provide a substantial radius of exploration into the formation while maintaining excellent vertical resolution. Measurement is unaffected by a conductive borehole fluid or the presence of plastic casing. The instrument operates to a depth of 500 metres. The combination of a large conductivity range, high sensitivity and very low noise and drift, allows accurate measurement of subsurface conditions; typical applications include groundwater contamination monitoring, groundwater and mineral exploration, and general geotechnical applications. The 4-conductor EM39 probe can be used with many available borehole logging systems or with Geonics dedicated winch and console system. Measurements can be either recorded with the DL720 digital data logger, or viewed in real time using the EM39RT program with field computer.


                                                    EM  61
                                       Advanced Metal Detector
The EM61, one of the newest instruments from GEONICS, is a time-domain  metal detector which detects both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. A powerful  transmitter generates a pulsed primary magnetic field in the earth, which induces  eddy currents in nearby metallic objects. The eddy current decay produces a secondary magnetic field measured by the receiver coil.  By taking the measurement at a relatively long time after the start of the decay, the current induced in the ground has fully dissipated and only the current in the metal  is still producing a secondary field. The responses are recorded and displayed by  an integrated data logger.The EM61 detects a single 200-litre (55 gal) drum at a depth of over 3 metres beneath the instrument, yet is relatively insensitive to nearby cultural interference, such as fences, buildings and power lines. The response is a single, sharply defined peak, greatly facilitating quick and accurate location of the target. Depth of the target can usually be estimated from the width of the response. The system can be pulled around as a trailer with odometer mounted on the axle to trigger the data logger or it can be carried by a single operator with a shoulder harness.


                                      G858 Portable Cesium  Magnetometer/Gradiometer
                                              A Professional  Magnetic Mapping System

The G-858 MagMapper  uses a  graphical interface to make survey design and data acquisition quick and efficient.  Various modes of operation allow the user to custom design a survey  grid for their  particular needs. The operator also has the ability to view his/her position on the grid  and the current data profile during the survey.  Sensitivity, resolution, and recording rate of the cesium magnetometer are user selectable.

G-858 data acquisition offers  either continuous or discrete station recording. The high sampling rate of the instrument  in continuous mode allows the operator to survey an area at a fast walking  pace.  A wider  search radius can be achieved by using a gradiometer configuration. As a result, over-all  costs are inherently lower while data quality remains high.

The G-858 is designed to interface easily with standard computers and peripherals.  Geometrics encourages clients to provide their own processing computer hardware. Upon the  client's request Geometrics will provide a complete and fully integrated processing  station at a nominal price.


Operating Principle: Self-oscillating split-beam 
Cesium  Vapor (non-radioactive Cs133) with automatic 
hemisphere switching. 
Heading  Error: +/- 1 nT 
Operating Range: 17,000nT to 100,000 nT 
Gradient  Tolerance: > 500 nT / inch; >20,000nT/ meter 
Operating Zones: For highest signal-to-noise ratio, 
 the  sensor long axis should be oriented at 45o , +/- 30o 
 to the earth's  field angle, but operation will continue 
through 45o, +/- 35o. 
Data  Storage: Nonvolatile RAM with capacity for 8 
hrs. of Magnetometer time, event marks,  field notes, 
location, or 3 hrs. of Gradiometer and GPS at 
maximum sample rates. 
Sensitivity: 90% of all readings will fall within the 
 following Peak-to-Peak envelopes: 
                      1.0.05nT at 0.1 sec cycle rate 
                      2.0.03nT at 0.2 sec cycle rate 
                      3.0.02nT at 0.5 sec cycle rate 
                      4.0.01nT at 1.0 sec cycle rate 
 Visual  Display: A 320x200 graphic LCD, daylight 
  visible with selectable outputs for: 
                       1.Data display 
                       2.System setup functions 
                       3.Survey setup functions 
                       4.Survey monitoring 
                       5.System diagnostics 
Data Output:  Three wire RS232 standard serial 
port,  optional continuous real time transmittal of data 
via RS232 to PC. Total memory output  transfer time 
less than 5 minutes at 115,200 baud 
Battery  Life: 
1,12 VDC rechargeable gel cell, 6 hrs. 
Magnetometer or 3 hrs. Gradiometer usage. 
Internal backup battery for clock and   nonvolatile RAM 
Operating Temperature: -25o C to +50o C (13o F to +122o F 
Water  Tight: To 3 ft. (0.9 m) depth 
       Shock: Drop 3 ft. on a hard surface without damage. 
Console  Magnetic Effect: Less than 1nT at 4 ft.  from sensor.

Features:  Portable Cesium  Magnetometer/Gradiometer Features 
High Sensitivity -  Easily detect a single drum 
buried 6 meters Very Fast - Cover two acres per hour at 2 
 meter line spacing. Immediate User Feedback - Display Earth's  field survey grid, position and 5 stacked                     survey  profiles.   Easy to Use - Produce hard copy maps at 
base site within minutes using standard                    IBM-compatible computers and peripherals. 
Options - Simultaneous vertical or horizontal 
gradiometer, Differential GPS positioning, 
Target analysis software. 
Portable Cesium  Magnetometer/Gradiometer Features 
High Sensitivity -  Easily detect a single drum 
buried 6 meters  Very Fast - Cover two acres per hour at 2 
 meter line spacing. Immediate User Feedback - Display Earth's field survey grid, position and 5 stacked 
survey  profiles. Easy to Use - Produce hard copy maps at 
base site within minutes using standard                   IBM-compatible computers and peripherals. 
Options - Simultaneous vertical or horizontal 
gradiometer, Differential GPS positioning, 
Target analysis software.