SEISMIC SOURCES

NEW   "ALL ELECTRIC"   Very Quiet!   AWG  GeoStrike 100-120 lb Series for ATV or Truck Mounted  applications (Elastomere)
The GeoStrike Power ! 120 lb A.E.
Accelerated Wave Generator GeoSTrike 120  All Electric Power, Very Quiet Seismic Source!  Please contact me for Price Quote!.

AWG BWSGeofysik 120 lb H.E. Series ATV (Elastomere)
AWG Digipulse 80, installed with ATV
Accelerated Wave Generator Digipulse 80  Hydraulic Powered System Installed with ATV.

AWG BWSGEOFYSIK 120 Series Hitch Mount (Elastomere)
AWG Digipulse 80,  on ball hitch mount.
AWG 120 pound System mounted to a trailer hitch.  The AWG GeoStrike 200 is also available is this model. The Model 80 can be made in with 150 and 200 pound hammers.

AWG GeoStrike 200 Trailer Mounted System (Elastomere)
200 Pound Hammer Trailer Mounted
AWG GeoStrike 200 Trailer Mounted.

AWG  550/750 Tuck Mount System (Elastomere)
AWG Digipulse 550/750  Band or Gas Charge
The AWG  750  pictured to the left was built for a middle Eastern country that has been using it with great success.  It is a medium to deep seismic source that incorporates very good signal stacking.  Of course, radio trigger links can also be supplied with the system.  The unit has one 750lb  impact hammer.  The AWG 750 is capable of firing 6 to 7 times per minute.  Electrical controls are also available for all these types of Seismic Sources.

AWG   1180 pound  TRACTOR MOUNT (Elastomere)
Model 1180 Gas Charged Tractor Mount.

This Tractor Mounted  AWG 1180 pictured here is mounted on a Tractor.  It was designed for Oil Exploration. The unit has one single P Wave hammer that weighs 1,180 pounds.

AWG GeoStrike 200   P / S WAVE  
AweSome P S wave Seismic Source
The system to the left is one of the most advanced designs for a seismic source to date.   It can use springs or elastomere bands making it very versitle.   This system has a hammer weight of 200 pounds.  It can be designed for Larger Hammers. It  can be used to generate either P or S waves with distinct "spiking impulses".  It is designed to be very rugged, user friendly and easy to maintain.   This type of source would be used for shallow engineering and also for Oil and Gas Exploration.   It costs much less than a Vibrator.

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