Bret W. Smith, Geophysicist @ Camp 10 Facing N.W.  Icy Basin in Background
Map to the right is of the June Ice Field(Moderate Climate Glacier), along the Candian border with the state of Alaska near the capital of Alaska, Juneau.  This map is used by students every summer during the latter part of July and into late August.  This area has been designated by the NSF and the State of Alaska as a Meteorological and Geophyscial/Geomorphological study area.  There are as many as 20 camps spread out over the region. Students from colleges and universities from around the world each year vist this program each summer as part of their continuing education. I was asked to help train some students in 1992 in the use of a 24 channel seismograph to be used for seismic research in this region.
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