Seismic Refractions Processing Software by Geophysicist Bret W. Smith.

Shear Wave Pressure Wave Refractions processing software.

The Most Accurate Refractions Profiling and Shear Wave Seismic Data Analysis on the Market.

Data Processing Services:   Data Processing Services are available.  Please contact  me and request price quotes.    Inversion Data Sets can be Processed for any data set from 6 to 120 channels.

This uniqe and modern powerfull and user friendly seismic data processing software is the only software in the World that will handle P wave and S wave refraction in one package.   The S wave processing uses the Shear Wave Overlay technique where horizontal geophones are utilized.  MASW IS NO LONGER SUPPORTED.     THIS TECHNIQUE (MASW AFTER YEARS OF STUDIES) IS ABSOLUTELY INCAPABLE OF PRODUCING ACCURATE RESULTS AND CONSTANTLY WILL  LOCK  THE COMPUTER UP   !!!    MRSAPS WILL NOT USE THE MASW TECHNIQUE.    MRSAPS DOES NOT LOCK YOUR COMPUTER UP. !!      MRSAPS analyzes "distinct" The P Refraction Data Waves and "DISTINCT"  S waves that are OVERLAIN FOR ANALYSIS.  The Refractive Indicies are developed for both P and S waves then BOTH P and S wave data can be inverted for much more  "resolute" analysis.   They can also be analyzed and interpreted individually.

The software will produce very reliable and accurate results, without locking up your computer and the results will be repeatable.  Up to 1000  processed records can be included into one profile, for P wave and S wave profiles.  There is no limit with MRSAPS !

The software incorporates Topographic Display with Datum Statics corrections very accurately,  much better than the Oyo software or the WinSisim Software.  Or Quite VERY frankly  the  KGS  PRODUCT  SurfSeis.   NO ONE ELSE IN THE WORLD  offers  S wave overlay refraction processing software.   The P wave results can be compared the the S wave results in one "UNIQUE SEISMIC REFRACTION PROCESSING FOR "DISTINCT"  P wave and S DATA PROCESSING SOFTWARE".   The S wave refractions utilize horizontal geophones.  Two (2) records are collected in opposite directions with a Shear Wave Seismic Source.

P Wave Data Example 24 Channels picked first arrivals with auto linear layer regression 3 Layer.
P wave shallow array,  5 meter take outs

P Wave 2D Single Record Profile (MRSAPS can add up to 1000 of this in one profile, as long as the shot point is not in the exact same place on the ground).
2D Profile Data Example.  MRSAPS can handle More Layers !

S Wave (Shear Wave Overlay) Data Example 24 Channels.  Forward Shot.

S Wave (Shear Wave Overlay)  2D  Shear Wave Single Record Refraction Profile.
2D Shear Wave  S wave apparent refraction velocity profile.