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Rugged Reliable Radio Seismic Trigger Link
Rugger Reliable Radio Trigger Link  
This radio trigger link is the most reliable and least expensive system on the market for long distance seismic triggering for seismic recording start times.   The Radios can be tuned to normal itinerant FCC frequencies or ordered with pre designated frequencies based on the FCC regulations, the TalkAbout Radios come standard with the package.   The entire package with radios and transmitter and receivers sell for less than $5,000.00 dollars!   It comes complete with all necessary accessories.  Contact me with any questions ???

Seismic Trigger Modules:
Seismic Trigger Module (Solid State)
The Solid State Bison or Geometrics Trigger Module is a long lasting trigger that comes with a 1 Year (Life Time Warranty offered for Seismograph or Seismic Source Pruchases).   It sells for only $85.00.   Contact me for an EndUser List.  These are the least expensive, triggers on the market today and are of the  highest quality design  for any trigger module on the market Today.   Please contact me to place an order.

In-Expensive but durable Manual Resistivity Electrode Kits:
Durable Electrode Kits.
Durable and in-expensive resistivity electrode kits.  Please email me the amount of takeout spacing needed and the type of equipment for the receiver and I will reply with a quote.

Downhole Shear Wave Hammer,  for shallow  ASTM C.E. work:
DownHole P and S Wave Hammer This downhole hammer has been approved by the ASTM for use in generating subsuface S waves from a source to a seismic receiver unit.  To my knowledge it is the Only ASTM approved device on the market at this time.   It is generally used for distances of less than 10 meters between boreholes and can generate both P wave and S(Shear)  waves for use with sub surface velocity engineering studies.  The above source can descend down a borehole to 200 feet and is approximately  2.75 inches in Diameters. It is a relatively light weight system and is also portable.

Downhole 3D Sensors for 3D Seismic Studies ASTM C.E. work:
Downhole Geophones. Pictured to the left is the downhole borehole sensors which are used in 3D configuration to detect signals generated by the downhole hammer above.

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