Strong Earth Motion, Weak Earth Motion & Vibration Monitoring Instrumentation
BWSGEOFYSIK is now representing a high quality European instrument manufacturing company providing instrument services for long term earthquake event recording and vibration measurement or recording here in the United States of America.  These systems range from portable accelerographs,  up to large permanently installed data acquisition system.    No "serious"  University or College department of Geophysics should be without such a system in my view.    The USGS and other international organizations that are involved with earthquake monitoring can benefit greatly from increased monitoring points on the earth's surface as data can be summed together or networked together with other monitoring stations to provide greatly increased accuracy for the location of epicenter and hypocenter of earthquake events.   This line of instrumentation provides 24 bit resolution at a very competitive prices and with the right configurations can also be used for engineering vibration studies.  Please view the pictures below and read the descriptions.   A typical  least expensive monitoring system with a 3D sensor, a 24 bit recording system with a PCMCIA recording card and/or Gigabyte hard drive will cost in the neighborhood of $6,000.00 to $7,000.00 dollars.  Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding specifications or  price quotations 

SM 2
As a Geophysicist I believe the recording system Pictured to the left is of the highest quality on the market today.   It  can be connected in with a 24 bit  3D accelerometer for very precise measurements of strong or weak earth motion.  You can purchase an external LCD screen so that viewing of the data over three channels can be seen 24 hours per day. You can use a PCMCIA card to store smaller amounts of data and/or an external hard drive for longer time intervals.   The amount of data stored depends on how long a time interval you wish to record.   The PCMCIA card can be ejected out of the unit and data from a previous time period can be examined with the standard software that is included with the purchase of the system.  This software is designed for the Windows 95,98,2000 and NT systems.   This unit is very cost effective can greatly increase the interest of students in earthquake geophysics at colleges and universities through out the United States.

SM -2  more detail
This picture to the left shows the ope front panel of the SM 2 recording system.   Note the PCMCIA  card in the middle but toward the top.  This little card can record quite a large volume of data over three channels, depending upon the sample rates used.

AC-23 Accelerometer 3D Sensor
This is a typical sensor that can be hooked up to the SM-2,  there are also "velocity sensors" that can be hooked up into the SM-2.    This sensor has three degrees of sensing at up to 24 bits of digital resolution.  It can be placed anywhere on a flat surface permanently bolted or cemented to the ground or left un-attached to the ground's surfrace for portable applications.

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