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BWSGEOFYSIK is a Geophysical Consulting Company,  that also sells the highest technology of related Geophysical Instruments.        URL:

These Instruments are guaranteed to be of the lowest price to the customer (end user).   These range from highest quality of seismic recorders (from  earthquake motion to refraction...reflection, MASW studies), Resistivity measuring and recording equipment,  Seismic Sources, to other very little known geophysical instruments.

BWSGEOFYSIK is also engaged in performing a wide variety of Geophysical Field Services,  Geophysical Services,  Studies and subsequent data  processing and Report Generations.

BWSGEOFYSIK is developing a new 2/D & 3/D Resisitivity imaging command modeling software that will soon be under a federal patent!!

BWSGEOFYSIK now has MRSAPS.  A very effective P and S wave refraction processing  software ready for beta testing and download.  Email me with instructions or questions   Soon to have MASW included.  

BWSGEOFYSIK is still seeking a Patent for the new.. the worlds first DiliIthium crystal coil solid state seismic trigger module for all seismic recording equipment today.  This NEW seismic trigger module is designed to be less expensive,  yet much more durable trigger module than any of world's the competing models.  It has proven so far to be just that! Solid State Seismic Trigger is NOW PATENTED !! Check it out on the USPTO WEB SITE !!!

Please browse my site and let me know what you think.

Download New   2D - True - 3D Geo Electric  "Points.Mul" Command Generation & Modeling Software for DEF Resisitivity Commands

Check it out for Free Points.Mul Download Here!
Download  NEW MRSAPS  Pwave Refraction  Shear Wave Refraction Software FREE  DEMO Beta Version.
Check OUT New   MRSAPS   Software  Demo  Download FREE to Try !

Used Geophysical Equipment for Sale 
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Endusers // Customers:
Curtin Universy of  Australia
RT Clark,  Geophysics Instruments
GeoExpert, Switzerland
Subsurface Surveys
Kali UmveltGeoTechnic, Germany
MSD Energy LTD
ERI Materials Testing Lab
R.G.M.E of Saudi Arabia
NorthWest Pacific Water Resource Institute
The University of Iowa at AMES
Gulf Center for Water Resource Studies S.A.
Edward Kraemer & Sons Aggregates
Darwin University Australia
Bemidji State University
Mining Exploration
St Thomas Refraction Profile MRSAPS !!!!!

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